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Wihtgils (fl. 5th century) was a semi-legendary Jutish chieftain who, according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, was the father of Hengest and Horsa:

"A.D. 449 [...] Their leaders were two brothers, Hengest and Horsa; who were the sons of Wihtgils; Wihtgils was the son of Witta, Witta of Wecta, Wecta of Woden. From this Woden arose all our royal kindred, and that of the Southumbrians also."

His name appears as Victgils or Victgilsus in Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People (Book 1, chapter 15):

"The two first commanders are said to have been Hengist and Horsa. [...] They were the sons of Victgilsus, whose father was Vecta, son of Woden; from whose stock the royal race of many provinces deduce their original."

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