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Leonardo Loredan
Leonardo Loredan (1436–1521) was the 75th doge of the Republic of Venice from 1501 until his death. Loredan's reign began during the disastrous second Ottoman–Venetian War, which he settled with a peace treaty in 1503 at the cost of considerable loss of territory. Later that year a dispute arose between Loredan and Pope Julius II, after Venice occupied territory in the northern Papal States. This escalated into the 1509 War of the League of Cambrai in which Venice was fighting an alliance of the Pope and France. Venice was defeated, but in 1513 Loredan formed a new alliance with the French King Louis XII against Pope Julius. This resulted in a decisive victory.

This portrait of Leonardo Loredan was painted by Giovanni Bellini and hangs in the National Gallery, London.Painting: Giovanni Bellini