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In Greek mythology, the name Polypheides[pronunciation?] or Polyphides (Πολυφείδης) may refer to:

  • Polypheides, son of Mantius and brother of Cleitus. He was granted prophetic skills by Apollo and became the best seer among mortals after the death of Amphiaraus; he dwelt in Hyperesia and had a son Theoclymenus.[1] A slightly different account of his life was given by Pherecydes:[2] according to it, Polypheides married Aechme, daughter of Haemon, and settled in Eleusis, where two sons, Theoclymenus and Harmonides, were born to him.
  • Polypheides, lord of Sicyon, to whom Agamemnon and Menelaus were entrusted by their nurse or sent by Aegisthus after the murder of Atreus. He further sent them to Oeneus.[3]


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