Matabei (crater)

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Matabei crater.png
Coordinates39°42′S 13°54′W / 39.7°S 13.9°W / -39.7; -13.9Coordinates: 39°42′S 13°54′W / 39.7°S 13.9°W / -39.7; -13.9
Diameter24 km
EponymIwasa Matabei

Matabei is an impact crater on Mercury. It has a set of dark rays. Dark rays are rare on Mercury, but other occurrences have been identified, such as at Mozart crater (imaged during MESSENGER's first Mercury flyby). Mozart crater is interpreted to have excavated dark material from depth during the impact event, creating dark streamers. The dark rays from Matabei may have a similar origin.[1]


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