Kertész (crater)

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PIA10933 Kertész.jpg
Kertész is the big crater with bright floor and dark halo
Coordinates27°22′N 213°53′W / 27.36°N 213.89°W / 27.36; -213.89Coordinates: 27°22′N 213°53′W / 27.36°N 213.89°W / 27.36; -213.89
Diameter32 km
EponymAndré Kertész

Located in the western edge of Mercury's giant Caloris basin, Kertész crater (named in 2008 for André Kertész, a Hungarian-born American photographer)[1] has some unusual, bright material located on its floor. Sander crater, located in the northwestern edge of Caloris basin, also shows bright material on its floor. Just northeast of Kertész a small crater has very bright rays and ejecta, indicating that the crater is young.[2]


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