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Hadley Crater
Location of Hadley Crater.
RegionAeolis quadrangle
Coordinates19°30′S 156°54′E / 19.5°S 156.9°E / -19.5; 156.9Coordinates: 19°30′S 156°54′E / 19.5°S 156.9°E / -19.5; 156.9
Diameter119 km
EponymGeorge Hadley

Hadley is an impact crater in the Aeolis quadrangle of Mars, located at 19.5°S latitude and 203.1°W longitude, and is inside Terra Cimmeria. It is 119.0 km in diameter and was named after George Hadley, and the name was approved in 1973.[1]

Hadley Crater, as seen by CTX camera (on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter).
Dunes on floor of Hadley Crater, as seen by CTX camera (on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter). Note: this is an enlargement of the previous image of Hadley Crater.

Nearby prominent craters include Graff to the west-southwest and almost northeast is Boeddicker. Not far from Hadley in the southeast is al-Qahira Vallis.

It owes no relation to a lunar feature known as Mons Hadley which is named after John Hadley.

Hadley is a triple crater formation whereas a smaller crater is in the middle and the southcentral portion and a small one in the southern part of the smaller one. Other surrounding craters are inside Hadley including one in the western rim and a tiny one near the first smaller crater inside Hadley. Southeast of Hadley's rim is a smaller unnamed crater that its depth is almost the same as the third smallest crater inside Hadley. Dunes are present on the floor of the crater and can be seen in the pictures on the left.

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