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Seal of the Command of the Navy Base

The Evangelos Florakis Naval Base (Greek: Ναυτική Βάση «Ευάγγελος Φλωράκης») is a Cyprus Navy base, situated on the island's southern coast adjacent to the Vasilikos industrial area and power plant, near Zygi, between Limassol and Larnaca. Prior to 11 July 2011, it was the main location of the Command of the Navy Base, one of the five primary commands (also referred to as sub-commands) of the Navy. It was responsible for overseeing all naval shore installations, facilities and associated personnel. The Command's current status is unclear.

It is named after Lt. General Evangelos Florakis, head of the Cypriot National Guard, who was killed in a helicopter crash in July 2002.[1] Prior to being renamed, it was known as the Mari Naval Base.

It was the site of the Evangelos Florakis Naval Base explosion on 11 July 2011.[2] The Commander of the Evangelos Florakis Navy Base, Lambros Lambrou, and the head of the Cyprus Navy, Andreas Ioannides, were both killed in the accident.


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