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Art Bulla is the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ. The movement was organized in 1983.[1]

Bulla converted to Mormonism and joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around 1970. In the early 1980s, he began teaching other Latter-day Saints that he was the "One Mighty and Strong[2] that Joseph Smith, Jr. prophesied would come to set the church in order.[3] In 1983, Bulla organized the Church of Jesus Christ in Salt Lake City, Utah. He also acted as the editor of his church's newsletter, Zion's Messenger and Advocate.[citation needed]

Bulla was interviewed in the anti-Mormon movie The God Makers II with the title "Mormon Prophet" under his name.

Bulla was still actively advancing his claims[4] in 2013.[5] He now openly requires his followers to pray in his name.[6]


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