Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 45

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Launch Complex 45
Cape Canaveral Launch Complex 45 Map.jpg
A map of Cape Canveral Air Force Station, with LC-45 circled.[1]
Launch siteCape Canaveral Air Force Station
Coordinates28°27′30″N 80°31′42″W / 28.45833°N 80.52833°W / 28.45833; -80.52833Coordinates: 28°27′30″N 80°31′42″W / 28.45833°N 80.52833°W / 28.45833; -80.52833
Short nameLC-45
OperatorUnited States Air Force, NASA
Total launches0
Launch pad(s)0
Launch history

Cape Canveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 45 is a former launch complex created to launch the Roland missile. However, it was never used prior to its destruction, and Launch Complex 46 is now in its location.[1]


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