Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 10

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Launch Complex 10
Launch site Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Location 28°27′07″N 80°33′25″W / 28.45194°N 80.55694°W / 28.45194; -80.55694Coordinates: 28°27′07″N 80°33′25″W / 28.45194°N 80.55694°W / 28.45194; -80.55694
Short name LC-10
Operator US Air Force
Total launches 10
Launch pad(s) One
Launch history
Status Dismantled
First launch Navaho
12 August 1957
Last launch Draco
27 April 1959
SM-64 Navaho

Launch Complex 10 (LC-10) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida was a launch pad used by SM-64 Navaho missiles, and later Jason sounding rockets and the Alpha Draco research missile. It was located north of Launch Complex 17, where Launch Complexes 31 and 32 are now located. The pad consisted of a small concrete launch structure[citation needed] with an elevated launch pedestal and built-in flame trench, centered on a small oval-shaped concrete pad.

A single Navaho missile was test-launched from LC-10, on 12 August 1957,[1] and was one of only three Navahos to complete a successful flight. Following the cancellation of the Navaho, LC-10 was reused for launches of Jason and Draco sounding rockets during 1958 and 1959. The last launch to use the site was of a Draco on 27 April 1959.

LC-10 was subsequently demolished during the construction of Launch Complexes 31 and 32, which were built on the same site.


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