Brashear (Martian crater)

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Brashear Crater
Brashear Crater by MOLA.JPG
Wide view of Brashear near other craters, as seen by MOLA in which elevations are indicated by different colors.
Coordinates54°08′S 119°02′W / 54.14°S 119.03°W / -54.14; -119.03Coordinates: 54°08′S 119°02′W / 54.14°S 119.03°W / -54.14; -119.03
Diameter77.45 km
EponymJohn A. Brashear (1840-1920), an American astronomer

Brashear Crater is an impact crater in the Thaumasia quadrangle of Mars, located at 54.14 S and 119.03 W. It is 77.45 km in diameter, and was named after John A. Brashear (1840–1920), an American astronomer. The name was approved in 1973.[1]

Its nearest named craters are Porter to the northeast, Lamont some hundreds of kilometers south-southeast, Dokuchaev to the south-southwest and Hussey to the northwest, the remaining two are in the Phaethontis quadrangle.

The westernmost portion and its rim lies in the Phaethontis quadrangle and three smaller craters are situated with the southern part having a central peak. North is a partly faded unnamed crater and surrounding that east and north rim are mountains. South of the crater are a bit mountainous.


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