Berkel (crater)

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Berkel three arrows.png
The two white arrows indicate neighboring bright craters, in contrast to Berkel's dark halo.
Planet Mercury
Coordinates 13°36′S 333°30′W / 13.6°S 333.5°W / -13.6; -333.5Coordinates: 13°36′S 333°30′W / 13.6°S 333.5°W / -13.6; -333.5
Diameter 21 km
Eponym Sabri Berkel

Berkel is a crater on Mercury. The crater contains dark material in its center and in a ring immediately surrounding it. Moreover, Berkel is surrounded by a blanket of bright ejecta and a system of bright rays. Other craters on Mercury’s surface, such as Basho, also exhibit both bright rays and dark halos. In contrast, two neighboring craters have bright rays but lack dark halos.[1]


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