20th TVyNovelas Awards

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20th TVyNovelas Awards
DateJuly 4, 2002
LocationMexico D.F.
Hosted byRaúl Velasco, Ernesto Laguardia, Luis de la Corte & Gloria Calzada
Most awardsEl Manantial (8)
Most nominationsEl Manantial (12)
Television/radio coverage
NetworkCanal de las Estrellas

The 20th TVyNovelas Awards, is an Academy of special awards to the best of soap operas and TV shows. The awards ceremony took place on July 4, 2002, in the Mexico D.F. The ceremony was televised in the Mexico by Canal de las estrellas.

Raúl Velasco, Ernesto Laguardia, Luis de la Corte and Gloria Calzada hosted the show. El Manantial won 8 awards including Best Telenovela of the Year, the most for the evening. Other winners Amigas y rivales and Salomé won 2 awards and Entre el Amor y el Odio and Sin pecado concebido won one each.

Summary of awards and nominations[edit]

Telenovela Nominations Awards
Amigas y rivales
Aventuras En El Tiempo
El juego de la vida
El Manantial
Entre el Amor y el Odio
La intrusa
Sin pecado concebido

Winners and nominees[edit]


Paulina Rubio, Awarded with Special Award for Singer of the Year
Pedro Fernández, Awarded with Special Award for Ranchero Singer of highest International Projection
Pepe Aguilar, Awarded with Special Award for Best Ranchero Singer
Best Telenovela of the Year Best Direction
Best Actress Best Actor
Best Antagonist Actress Best Antagonist Actor
Best Leading Actress Best Leading Actor
Best Co-lead Actress Best Co-lead Actor
Best Supporting Actress Best Supporting Actor
Best Female Revelation Best Male Revelation


Best Comedian Actress Best Comedian Actor
Best Production Best Melodramatic Program

Special Awards[edit]

International Segment[edit]

This ceremony was held 20 years the magazine rewards the actors Televisa counting as interviewers Maxine Woodside, it tells the story in which TVyNovelas points to the winning soap operas every year, too to stories or adaptations of them, and even the actors they won.

Premiaciones por reconocimiento[edit]

The magazine "Remembering is living" selected each of the actors in full revelation recognition in each category and, therefore, as part of the commemoration of the 20 years of the TVyNovelas Awards that every year they won the award for category rewarding only one of each annual ceremony, among them are:


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